The Good Food Purchasing Program creates a transparent ‘farm-to-fork’ supply chain and builds a market for Good Food suppliers.
“Governments have few sources of leverage over increasingly globalized food systems – but public procurement is one of them. When sourcing food for schools, hospitals and public administrations, Governments have a rare opportunity to support more nutritious diets and more sustainable food systems in one fell swoop.”
Olivier de Schutter, UN Special Rapporteur on the right to food (2014)
“The Good Food Purchasing Program provides us with a tool to evaluate and talk in concrete terms about the work we’re doing with our Farm to School programs to improve our food procurement. GFPP demonstrates in dollar terms the magnitude of the improvements we have made. It also provides a framework for setting goals around issues we haven’t been able to work on yet, like increasing our purchases from suppliers with fair and humane labor practices.”
Jennifer LeBarre, Executive Director, Nutrition Services, Oakland Unified School District
“[The Good Food Purchasing Program] provides a game-changing opportunity for a major city to develop a regional food system and slow the degradation of our existing system, public health, and the environment.”
Susan Clark, Gaia Fund
“The Good Food Purchasing Program is a leading model in the food justice movement for bringing together different sectors of the movement to work on positive change for our food system, including local farmers and food business and in the issues of environmental sustainability, workers’ rights, animal welfare, and nutrition.”
Joann Lo, Co-Director, Food Chain Workers Alliance
“Sustainability wouldn’t even have been on our radar screen before. Now, we’re not just looking for the cheapest, ripest tomatoes, but also considering who picked them and where they came from… GFPP provides metrics to gauge a company’s commitment towards this movement. You can now better quantify you and your suppliers’ performance.”
Sean Leer, CEO, Gold Star Foods
“This is the future of public health.”
Paul Simon, Director of Chronic Disease & Injury Prevention, LA County Department of Public Health
“I’m on a mission to make sure everyone understands procurement matters. Our contracts are an expression of our values. And we will use the contracting process to change an industry.”
Steve Zimmer, Board President, Los Angeles Unified School District